Breaking: At least 13 injured in New York subway shooting

Breaking: At least 13 injured in New York subway shooting
Credit: Armen Armenian/Facebook

At least 13 people have been injured in a shooting in a New York City subway station this morning. The New York police and firefighter services arrived on the scene at 36th Street Station, Brooklyn and reported that unused explosives had also been found at the scene, but this claim was later dismissed by police.

At around 8:30 local time, the suspected attacker, who was purportedly wearing an orange construction jacket and gas mask, opened fire at commuters at the metro station.

Firefighters arrived at the scene following complaints of smoke on the platform, discovering that several people had been injured by gunshots.

The suspect is still believed to be at large. People have been warned to avoid the 36th Street station area, as well as the neighbouring Sunset Park neighbourhood.

There is now a heavy police and fire brigade presence in the area surrounding the attack. U.S President Joe Biden and New York Mayor Eric Adams have been briefed on the situation.

Images shared on social media appeared to show numerous gunshot victims, a smoke filled platform, and pools of blood on the floor. Victims are still being treated at the site of the incident. Commuters appear to flee a subway train arriving from the station, filled with smoke.

U.S Secretary of Transport Pete Buttigieg has stated that he is “monitoring developments” following the attack.

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