Danish national fighting in 'international legion' killed in Ukraine

Danish national fighting in 'international legion' killed in Ukraine

A Danish national has been killed in Ukraine, his family said Saturday, according to a statement from the Danish Foreign Ministry.

The disappearance of the young man (25), who was fighting with the Ukrainian forces as part of the “international legion” in Ukraine, was first announced on Danish TV on Thursday evening.

According to available information, he was fighting in the town of Mykolaiv, Belga News Agency reports.

“Based on the information available, the family has identified the person, and therefore considers him deceased,” the Danish ministry confirmed to AFP news agency.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a duty of confidentiality in personal matters and can not give more details,” it said.

Shortly following the Russian invasion on 24 February, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had called for the formation of an “international legion” of foreign volunteers to help defend Ukraine.

The Danish Prime Minister later said she saw no “legal obstacle” to the participation of Danish volunteers.

According to the Ukrainian embassy in Copenhagen, a hundred Danes had joined Ukraine to fight the Russian forces in mid-March.

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