Bpost tests drone deliveries in Canada

Bpost tests drone deliveries in Canada
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Will packages be delivered by drones instead of vans? The subsidiary of Bpost Apple Express is currently testing parcel delivery by drones in Canada.

The innovative project will not yet be launched in Belgium, “but we will be one step ahead of the competition when drone delivery becomes mainstream,” Bpostgroup mentioned in their activity report.

Earlier this year, an unmanned drone of Drone Delivery Canada successfully brought a parcel from the airport in Edmonton, Alberta, to a location a few kilometres away.

“Which is a first," says Nasser Syed, CEO of Apple Express. Drones are normally not permitted in these areas and need to be authorised by Transport Canada. "In the coming months, we will also be part of a series of new test flights within this pilot project. After all, we believe that this technology is an important step towards the supply chain of tomorrow."

Fast deliveries

Drones are ideal for deliveries from larger to smaller cities and to more remote areas that are difficult to reach by road, which saves a lot of time and fuel.

They can deliver things at a faster pace, which could actually prove very useful for medical companies and hospitals.

“Drones are ideal for the fast delivery of medicines or even donor organs from the airport to a hospital," says Nasser Syed, CEO of Apple Express. "I'm not saying we will do commercial flights right away, but when the time comes, we will be ready from day one."

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