Ski holidays expected to become 10% more expensive in October

Ski holidays expected to become 10% more expensive in October
Ski lifts might be switched off as the energy crisis bites. Credit: Canva

Those considering a ski holiday this year are advised to book as early as possible as prices are expected to increase by 10% from October onwards.

The earlier you book your trip this year, the better, according to the travel organisation Sunweb. Based on contacts with hotels, ski-lift operators and other partners in ski resorts, prices for winter sports holidays are set to increase by up to 10% within the next month and a half.

"Traditionally, bookings for winter sports start immediately after the summer holidays, with a peak in October," Mattijs ten Brink, CEO of Sunweb Group, said.

"For this season, we advise customers who already know they want to go on a winter holiday not to wait too long before booking."

He added that, with the expected price increases, people can save hundreds of euros. "We always negotiate for the best price and there will still be last-minute offers, but it is a fact that prices will rise. Booking early will therefore be the most advantageous."

Winter of worries

As has been seen with grocery and energy, the cost of holidays is expected to increase, as hotel rooms are becoming more expensive.

With a difficult winter of sky-high energy prices in store, ski resorts in Austria and Switzerland will be greatly affected given the huge amounts of energy required to keep a resort functioning, whether it is heating chalets, operating ski lifts, or fuelling the phalanx of snow machines that prepare the areas.

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To this end, resorts are considering energy-saving measures, such as a ban on the use of snow cannons and suspending the use of ski lifts.

Measures such as only running cold water in the toilets and heating indoor spaces less might be put in place, along with turning off advertising lights and heaters.

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