German Government agrees on legalisation of cannabis

German Government agrees on legalisation of cannabis
Credit: Mike Herbst/Flickr.

Germany's Federal Government is said to have reached an agreement on the legalisation of cannabis but will face further hurdles due to European legislation on the matter.

As over four million adults consume cannabis in Germany, according to German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach, Olaf Scholz had expressed his desire to crack down on the large black market and organised crime behind it.

Once government negotiations were concluded, the German Chancellor made the legalisation of cannabis one of the key policy proposals of his coalition.

The government has now agreed that cannabis and its active ingredient THC will no longer be considered narcotics, with Germans now being able to buy and possess up to 30 grams of cannabis for personal use.

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Furthermore, growing weed plants at home will be allowed to a limited extent, with sales to adults in “specialised licensed shops” and possibly pharmacies to be allowed.

However, whether these plans will pass remains to be seen, as they may clash with European cannabis regulations, with the suggested legal framework leaving only 'limited possibilities' for its implementation.

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