Austria: Weapons, Nazi flags seized from far-right biker gang

Austria: Weapons, Nazi flags seized from far-right biker gang

Austrian police seized around 100 firearms, thousands of rounds of ammunition and neo-Nazi equipment, and arrested six people during raids on a far-right biker gang, the government announced on Thursday.

“Around 35 long guns, 25 machine pistols, 100 pistols, 400 signal weapons […] components for 500 to 800 weapons” and “more than 10,000 rounds of ammunition as well as grenade launchers were seized” on Monday, the interior ministry wrote in a statement.

“Various Nazi objects, ranging from flags and daggers to uniform parts, busts and paintings” were also found in the homes of the defendants, who were remanded in custody, the ministry added in its statement, which included supporting photos.

In addition, five kg of cannabis herb, around one kg of cocaine and 650 grms of amphetamines were found.

This raids, conducted in the regions of Upper Austria (north) and Lower Austria (north-east) targeted members of the Bandidos group.

The government explained that it had been alerted as early as December 2022 to plans by the Bandidos, who have a global network, to set up operations in Austria.

The police carried out investigations to avoid violent clashes with the rival Hells Angels gang, as had happened in Switzerland. One gang member was arrested in early June.

“The investigations have shown the extent to which right-wing extremism is represented in outlaw motorcycle gangs,” said the director of intelligence services, Omar Haijawi-Pirchner.

Possession of Nazi paraphernalia is a criminal offence in Austria, Adolf Hitler’s native country, which has long denied responsibility for the crimes of the Third Reich.

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