July could be hottest month on record, NASA claims

July could be hottest month on record, NASA claims
Credit: Pexels / Christo James V

This July could end up being the hottest month for several "hundreds, if not thousands of years", NASA's chief climatologist, Gavin Schmidt, said on Thursday.

"We are seeing unprecedented changes around the world," said Gavin Schmidt. "Heat waves in the US, Europe and China are breaking records."

On Wednesday, EU scientists similarly warned that the world was on course for its hottest July since measurements began, following an already record-breaking June.

"We have seen record-breaking sea surface temperatures, even outside the tropics, for several months now," Schmidt added. "And we expect this to continue, because we are continuing to emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere."

Schmidt put the odds at "50-50" that 2023 will also end up being the hottest year on record. However, he noted that many other scientists place the probability as high as 80%.

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