Netherlands allocates €2 billion to support Ukraine by 2024

Netherlands allocates €2 billion to support Ukraine by 2024
War-torn Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine. Credit: Armed Forces of Ukraine

The outgoing Dutch government has earmarked over €2 billion to assist Ukraine next year, the majority of which is allocated towards military support for the country in Russia's ongoing invasion.

This year saw a provision of €2.5 billion for assistance to Ukraine, having been invaded by Russia in February 2022. An additional €1.7 billion was later deployed for further military support. At the NATO summit in Lithuania's capital, Vilnius, this summer, the Netherlands committed long-term support to Ukraine.

"Our own safety is at stake," emphasised Defence Minister Kajsa Ollongren. She warned of a larger problem that could escalate costs if Ukraine fails to win this war, commending the expenditure as prudent.

Ollongren underscored that the war in Ukraine was far from over and may continue for a long time. She argued that Ukrainians must be certain of the situation to plan ahead: "They cannot do this without the assurance of support from countries like the Netherlands."

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Ukraine, in particular, needs ammunition and assistance to maintain previously supplied weapon systems. The Netherlands plans to contribute to strengthening the air defence system, helping Ukraine protect vital infrastructure.

In addition, the country has set aside over €100 million for humanitarian aid, recovery, and reconstruction initiatives in the first quarter of 2024. The remaining funds will be used to address war crimes and enhance the country's cyber-security.

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