US passports will include gender ‘X’ option

US passports will include gender ‘X’ option
From 11 April, US citizens will be able to select gender 'X' on their passport application Credit: Belga

To mark the International Day of Transgender Visibility, the White House and State Department announced American citizens will be given the option of gender ‘X’ on their passport application.

Next to the boxes to indicate the ‘male’ and ‘female’, an additional option will be made available starting from 11 April.

Biden’s administration kept last year’s promise to make the documents ‘more inclusive’. According to a statement, the State Department will become the “first federal agency” in the US to offer this option on an official identity document.

The US federal government is implementing these initiatives while conservative states have adopted restrictive regulations on the care of transgender minors, on the practice of sports, and on the use of toilets.

In Texas, investigations have been launched against parents under a controversial directive from the governor, which treats certain ‘sex change’ procedures for minors as criminally punishable ‘abuse’. He cites surgical operations but also hormone treatments.

“The (federal) administration once again condemns the proliferation of dangerous legislative attacks on transgender people in several states,” the White House statement read on Thursday.

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“There is evidence that such laws stigmatise and endanger the well-being of transgender children and risk creating discrimination and harassment against their families,” the White House said.

The Belgian government took a non-binary identity card into consideration but decided to get rid of gender indications. As the government is still looking for a solution to the technical aspects of this proposal, a final decision has not yet been reached.

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