From January 1st airlines to start conducting identity checks at boarding gates

Monday, 01 January 2018 13:56
Airlines operating in Belgian airports must, beginning with Belgian Airlines, from January 1st conduct a “compliance check”.
This means that passenger identity will from now on be checked at the boarding gate. Identity documents will be compared with the boarding card.

Kim Daenen, Communications Manager and Spokesperson of Brussels Airlines, says, “This is a visual check.” She goes on, “We will check if the surname on the identity card is identical to that printed on the boarding card. This check will be effected at the boarding gate for each flight both from and to Belgium.”

This new measure falls within the context of the PNR measures (Passenger Name Record), which anticipates that airlines will send passenger data to the crisis centre 48 hours before the flight, and a second time upon the flight landing. Brussels Airlines will send this data, effective from January 1st. Strictly speaking, other Belgian airlines will be implementing the measure at a later date.

Lars Andersen
The Brussels Times
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