Didier t' Serstevens, a Brussels missionary who founded the first cheese factory in South-Korea in the sixties, has died. 1000 South Koreans attended his funeral.
As of 6 May, STIB's bus network will have a new line, the bus 37 - and it's a sign of things to come. 
Manneken Pis, the statue of a little peeing boy that is arguably Brussels' best known symbol, was used in an Italian commercial for prostate medication.

Woman hospitalized after fire in Saint-Josse

Wednesday, 24 April 2019 10:23
A woman was taken to the hospital, and a classroom in a nearby school evacuated after a fire in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode on Tuesday afternoon.
A former communal councillor of Saint-Josse, who resigned at the end of March, had been charged a month earlier for a case of theft with gang violence or threats, reports the information portal sudinfo.be on Tuesday evening.
Many projects on air quality are seeing the light of day in Brussels, whether they originate from climate associations, schools or the government.
Lime, the Californian company that developed the free-floating electric scooters in the city of Brussels, is thinking about introducing a drunk-rider detection system to slow down the scooter and protect pedestrians and other road users.

Truck hits bridge behind Rogier square

Tuesday, 23 April 2019 14:17
A truck damaged the railway bridge over the Rue Gineste behind the Rogier square in Brussels on Tuesday morning.
The damage of the conflict at air traffic controller Skeyes is already estimated at almost 10 million euros, according to Minister for Economy Kris Peeters (CD&V) after consultation with The Belgian Air Transport Association (BATA).
Greenpeace wants the next Brussels regional government to adopt an ambitious plan to get rid of cars running on fossil fuels, the NGO stated on Tuesday.