The Belgian government announced yesterday that the threat level was reduced from 3 (a serious and credible threat) to 2 (average and unlikely).
The mayors of Kortenberg and Steenokkerzeel oppose the planned extension of the Zaventem Airport.
The establishment of a low-emission zone in Brussels is not enough to reduce traffic and slash the concentration of pollutants in the air, says the Research and Urban Action (ARAU) workshop, which advocates extending the zone to the Brussels beltway and introducing an urban toll.
A life-sized effigy sculpture of Patrice Lumumba, the first Prime Minister of independent Congo, was inaugurated on Sunday in the Brussels Galerie Ravenstein.
The oldest cinema in Brussels, the Pathé Palace, will soon open its doors again following a major renovation.

Dutch takeover of Woluwe Shopping Centre

Monday, 22 January 2018 13:18
The Woluwe Shopping Center has passed into the hands of the Dutch company, Eurocommercial Properties.
The President of the Brussels PS Federation, Laurette Onkelinx, threatened their partner, the cdH, with an alternative majority in the Regional Parliament if the deadlock over family benefits continues.
A federal police source has said their aim is to arrest 12 to 20 people a day in Maximilien Park and the Gare du Nord.
There were more than 28,000 cyclists in Brussels in 2017 according to a poll by Pro Vélo.
The Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company, STIB, registered a total of 401 million travellers on its network in 2017, over 8% more than in the previous year.