On Wednesday evening the European Parliament voted in favour of a global programme which will see fruit, vegetables, and dairy products distributed in schools and paid for by the EU.
In 2014, around a hundred pupils were excluded from schools in Wallonia and Brussels for sexual violence.
Wallonia's tourism minister Rene Collin says a new Battle of Waterloo memorial will double the number of visitors to the site and help boost tourism for the whole region.
The Catholic university of Louvain (UCL) presented a series of tools meant to guide and support students working towards a BAC 1, on Monday, a few days ahead of the open-day events on its various campuses.
The European Union and Belgium are getting closer to their Europe 2020 goal - a 10-year plan for employment and growth - according to figures released by Eurostat on Monday.
Joëlle Milquet (CDH), Education Minister for Wallonia-Brussels, has recently sent out a circular to official schools, requiring them to ask pupils' parents to indicate whether their child chooses either religious education or morality classes, or prefers to have neither of these during the next school year beginning in September.

Too many poor pupils in special education

Wednesday, 15 April 2015 20:49
Children from under-privileged backgrounds are shifted towards special education programmes too quickly, according to a new report from the (brand new) Belgian Observatory of inequalities.
On Thursday between 2:00pm and 4:00pm, a hundred people demonstrated outside the office of Jean-Claude Marcourt, Minister of Higher Education for the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.
In Belgium, 9.8% of young people between 18 and 24 have no secondary education qualifications and are not currently in training, La Dernière Heure reported on Tuesday.

ULB students fight education budget cuts

Monday, 30 March 2015 20:16
As part of their campaign for “another type of education”, the BEA (Office of student organisers) at ULB (Free University of Brussels) organised a symbolic protest followed by a meeting, to mobilise students against possible budget cuts in education, on Friday afternoon.