One week ago, Brussels Airlines was warning of the cancellation of 28 of the flights due to take off from Brussels Airport on 13 February, the day of a national strike called by private sector unions. Yesterday the airline announced it had cancelled all flights on that day – a…
Over the past five years in Brussels, doctors starting a practice were more often foreigners.
The Ecolo party is proposing a basic allowance of 460 to 600 euros per month for all persons aged 18 to 26 years, federal parliamentarian Gilles Vanden Burre announced on Monday in La Libre newspaper.
Public transport across the country will be affected by the general strike called by the main unions for 13 February, as employees of the national rail authority SNCB, Brussels public transport authority Stib, Walloon bus service TEC and Flemish equivalent De Lijn all join in the action.
The restructuring plan announced by Proximus in early January is just about saving 240 million euros, unions representing employees of the telecommunications operator said on Wednesday at their hearing with the Chamber’s Infrastructure Commission.
Abusive behaviour in the workplace, such as sexual and moral harassment, aggression and discrimination, appears to have increased considerably in just a year, notes a study released on Tuesday by the Securex human resources service provider.
The country's three main trade unions – socialist, Christian and liberal – have issued a joint call for a general strike on 13 February, following the collapse of talks on pay with government and employers.
The Federal Government’s Jobs Deal bill incorporates none of the 20 remarks made by Brussels, the region’s minister in charge of Employment, Didier Gosuin, charged on Tuesday.
Dubbed “Blue Monday” for obscure commercial reasons, the 21st of January has not seen more people off the job as a result of illness than normal.
Some 8,000 Belgians have taken advantage of a measure exempting them from income tax and social security contributions for some supplementary activities, up to a maximum of 6,000 euros per year, according to data provided on Friday by the Office of Social Affairs Minister Maggie De Block.