A new case of an animal contaminated with the highly pathogenic H5N8 virus was detected on a Wangenies breeding farm in the town of Fleurus, the Federal Agency for Safety of the Food Chain (AFSCA) said on Monday.
Drug overdoses are becoming increasingly fatal in Europe, where new and numerous "dangerous" substances are being circulated, the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) said in its annual report published on Tuesday.
As of 20 June, general practitioners will also be able to initiate the course of reintegration for patients, Social and Public Health Minister, Maggie De Block, announced on Friday.
Around 10,000 Belgians die each year as a result of cardiac arrest, the Belgian Heart Rhythm Association (BeHRA) said Tuesday at the launch of the eighth week of the heartbeat, devoted this year to this affliction.
Health Minister Maggie De Block (Open Vld) was given the go-ahead by the government to draft a bill to change the conditions for donating blood.
The abandoning of vaccinations in adults and children can prove dangerous or even fatal, the pediatricians of the Reina Fabiola Children's Hospital (HUDERF) wrote in a statement on Monday.

4 in 10 doctors are women

Sunday, 23 April 2017 21:22
4 in 10 doctors in Belgium are women. It has just hit the 40% mark, according to figures from the Public Health SPF, which La Libre Belgique looked at.
HIV self-tests for screening HIV, allowing anyone to know whether to worry about possibly being infected with the Aids virus will be available beginning Wednesday at pharmacies.
Belgium is thinking of investing 10 million euros in a technological platform that would register the DNA of tens of millions of Belgians, L’Echo reported on Saturday.
Three firms have put seasonal anti-flu vaccines on the Belgian market for the coming winter, stated Monday the spokesperson for the Federal agency for medical and health products (AFMPS).