Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) is not well prepared for a hard Brexit, according to Chris Hopson, chief executive of NHS Providers, an association that links different services of the NHS.
The Agriculture and Food Industries Federation (FEVIA), the Federation of the Belgian Retail Industry (COMEOS) and the Public Health Service (SPF), made a first positive assessment of five years of efforts (2012-2017) aiming at proposing “healthier’’ food to Belgian consumers.
Belgium continues to suffer a plague of wasps of almost Biblical proportions, with hospitals – as well as Red Cross services at music festivals – reporting twice as many cases of wasp stings as usual for the time of year.
Home health nurses embezzled more than 2.7 million euros in 2017, according to inspectors of the National Employment Office, ONEM, newspapers from the Mediahuis Group reported on Friday.
Doses of glyphosate, a herbicide linked to cancer, have been found in products from about a dozen famous cereal manufacturers, the U.S.-based Environmental Working Group (EWG) said on Thursday.
The Dental Medical Society heightens public awareness of the harmful effects of cannabis, an enemy of good dentition, reports Le Soir Monday.

Higher hospitalisation fees in the offing

Thursday, 09 August 2018 17:30
According to the medical index published in July, insurance companies and mutual funds will be able to adapt their individual hospitalisation, outpatient, and dental-care fees to increases in health care costs, De Tijd and L’Echo reported on Thursday.
First-generation immigrants say they feel less healthy, move around less and suffer more from anxiety, according to a survey by researchers from the University of Ghent, published on Thursday in De Morgen daily.
A new study from a local consumer organisation has shown that oil-based aroma diffusers severely pollute indoor air.
The Federal Government has agreed to reimburse frontline psychological care in the budget accord, earmarking some 22.5 million euros for that purpose, Health Minister Maggie De Block announced on Wednesday in a press release.