It would have been “technically impossible” to add a face to the image of the killer taken from the video-surveillance camera at the Jewish Museum because of the low resolution of the footage, the Federal Police specialist who worked on the photo testified in court on Tuesday.
The Antwerp Chamber confirmed on Tuesday that an arrest warrant was issued for New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) councillor for Mechelen Melikan Kucam (44), the politician’s attorney, Frank Coel, indicated.
In 2018, 727 Belgians changed their sex, according to National Register’s figures.
A violent settling of scores between seven persons from the addict milieu, took place Saturday night around 7:30 p.m. in Dinant, Namur prosecutors said Sunday.
As he approaches the ten-year anniversary of his attack on a crèche in Dendermonde in which two babies and a member of staff were killed, Kim De Gelder is almost certain to be interned in a psychiatric institution, a panel of court-appointed experts has decided.
Following on from the presentation of the prosecution case and the arguments for the defence, Friday was the day when the trial of Mehdi Nemmouche in Brussels heard statements from the civil parties – representatives of the Jewish Museum, witnesses and relatives of the victims.
Former migration and asylum minister Theo Francken, already enmired in the scandal of humanitarian visas for sale, appeared to sink even deeper yesterday – thanks to the man arrested for taking part in the traffic.
The Brussels Lower Court has condemned the State of Belgium for the overcrowding at the Forest and Saint-Gilles prisons, instructing it to remedy the situation within six months or face fines, Avocats-be reported on Thursday.
Dynamic speed limit display panels overlooking some highways and rings are not as efficient as they should be, Touring estimated.
Mehdi Nemmouche, the man accused of carrying out the attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels in which four people died in May 2014, spoke briefly at his trial in Brussels yesterday, as we report elsewhere, and then took a vow of silence. But his legal counsel went on to…