Russian trolls have been trying to influence public debate in the Netherlands and Belgium, the Dutch newspaper NRC reported on Monday.
The Flemish Minister of Transport, Public Works and Brussels Periphery, Ben Weyts (N-VA), wants to reopen the community debate after the federal and regional elections in 2019, he announces Saturday in an interview granted to De Tijd.
Belgian migration secretary Theo Francken has filed a complaint against the activists who staged a protest at a detention centre for asylum seekers last month.
Federal Minister Jan Jambon and Walloon Minister Jean-Luc Crucke agreed Monday, during a meeting at the former’s cabinet in Brussels, that their offices would initiate working meetings to examine the request put forth by Secretary of State Theo Francken to proceed to carry out expulsions from Charleroi Airport.

1,400 march in protest at Trump visit

Sunday, 08 July 2018 09:41
Days before the planned arrival of US president Donald Trump in Brussels, some 1,400 people took part in a march on Saturday to tell him he is not welcome. Trump will be in town to attend a Nato summit.
The Belgian bishops’ conference has criticised a decision by the federal government parties to produce a bill to remove abortion from the statute books.
It is time for Belgium to decide on the future of U.S. nuclear weapons being kept at the Kleine Brogel military base in Limburg, Political Science Professor at the University of Antwerp, Tom Sauer, said in response to a question on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Nuclear…
Butchers in Belgium, like their colleagues in France, have begun receiving threats from a group considered to be made up of “radical vegetarians and vegans”.
A government minister has reported receiving death threats, together with her six-month-old daughter.
A movement called “Refugee Party’’ was presented Monday in Brussels. Launched by fifteen citizens, among whom refugees, it intends to act in favor of a more humane policy in matters of asylum and migration.