The 21,000 British people that live in Belgium can continue to work in the country until the end of 2020, Employment minister Kris Peeters announced during a Minister’s council meeting. 
Even though he understands the frustration of the young people currently protesting for political change, Bart De Wever warns “It must not develop into a kind of apocalyptic ideology where young people are protesting against their own lifestyle.” 
Belgium has accepted the International Criminal Court’s request to welcome former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo to its territory, Foreign Ministry spokesperson told Belga Saturday.
Francophone Minister of Education Marie-Martine Schyns (CDH) invites party leaders to meet with students on February 27 in Namur, Ms. Schyns said in the Echo on Saturday.
A judge at the tribunal of first instance in Brussels has given the federal government until 3 June to present an environmental impact study on the subject of noise nuisance at and around Brussels Airport in Zaventem, on pain of a penalty of 300,000 euros a month.
MSL Brussels has had a contract with Saudi Arabia since 2015 to clean up the image of the Saudi kingdom, suspected of having links with Islamic extremists, according to the non-governmental Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO), De Morgen reported on Tuesday.
“The struggle against global warming is certainly the battle of this century,” Prime Minister Charles Michel said on Tuesday at the Royal Palace.
Amid the ongoing grassroot mobilisation on climate change, political parties have been churning out climate proposals ahead of the mid-year elections.
The N-VA wants interprofessional negotiations to end.
The annual international day for the rights of women takes place on 8 March, which this year is also the occasion for the first-ever women's strike in Belgium, a group calling itself Collecti.e.f 8 Maars has announced.