VAT (Value Added Tax) exemption on surplus food donations to charities will be extended to stocks of unsold non-food products such as clothing and electronic equipment.
A decree prohibiting breeding animals for their fur and tube-feeding for foie gras production was unanimously approved by the Flemish parliament on Wednesday.
Members of the federal parliament have strongly condemned a system of issuing humanitarian visas to vulnerable people in the Middle East set up by former minister for migration and asylum, Theo Francken. Only Francken's N-VA party colleagues abstained.

CD&V pleads for state reform in 2024

Monday, 11 March 2019 11:59
Several CD&V tenors (Christen-Democratisch en Vlaams): Hilde Crevits, Wouter Beke, Kris Peeters, Luc Van den Brande, Johan Sauwens, Servais Verherstraeten and Yves Leterme, argued for a seventh state reform in 2024, in a carte blanche (open forum) published today in the Standaard.
MEP Bart Staes wants more money invested in saving the climate. 
Only 29 women are at the head of the 95 lists put forward by the five main parties, L’Echo reported on Friday.
Flemish Christian democrat party CD&V will go into the regional elections in May supporting a platform which includes transferring the status of national capital from Brussels-City to the Brussels Capital Region, Bianca Debaets, secretary of state in the current regional government, has proposed.
The Council of State has handed down a negative advice on a special law on the climate proposed by the federal parliament, declaring the measure “unconstitutional”.
The women's strike held yesterday, on the International Day of the Rights of Women, made its effects felt in different ways across the country. A brief round-up:

Women on strike today for equal rights

Friday, 08 March 2019 10:21
Today is International Women's Day, marked by the United Nations on 8 May since 1975, and for the 2019 edition the official theme is “Think equal, build smart, innovate for change”. In Belgium, however, the slogan is “When women stop, the world stops”.