Belgium’s Federal Government decided on Friday to break off immediately its convention with Saudi Arabia on the Great Mosque of Brussels.
The House Foreign Relations Committee unanimously approved Wednesday a motion for a resolution recognizing the segregation of mixed-race children in the former Belgian colonies.
Members of the Flemish Parliament say they feel muzzled in their attempts to call their executive to account by questioning them, De Standaard newspaper reported on Monday.
Prime Minister Charles Michel had this message for unregistered immigrants and those sheltering them: “seek asylum! Join the Rule of Law”.
The Flemish parliament has received no request from Catalan leader Carlos Puigdemont to host his swearing-in ceremony as the head of Catalonia’s Government, a source said.
The Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration Policy, Theo Francken, has reacted on Twitter to a New York Times article in which he is dubbed “a Flemish Trump” by sharing a video in which he denies being “anti-migration”.
The resignation of the Secretary of State for Asylum, Theo Francken, is not on the cards, the chairman of the Christian Democratic and Flemish party, CD&V, Wouter Beke, said on Monday after a meeting of the party’s executive.
Former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont on Friday called on the European Commission to hold dialogue with the Catalan pro-independence group just as it is doing with the Spanish Government.
Prime Minister Charles Michel stressed the importance of Belgium’s international commitments on Wednesday and said he had no intention of absenting himself from international meetings.
The New Flemish Alliance, N-VA, will not sign any energy pact that mandates the closure of nuclear plants by 2025, newspapers from the Mediahuis group reported on Friday.