US President Donald Trump wants to "stay engaged" on the issue of climate despite the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris agreement, assured his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, on Monday.
Belgium is attracting interest from financial players wishing to settle on the continent following the Brexit, said Marcia De Wachter, director of the National Bank of Belgium (NBB), on Wednesday.
US President Donald Trump welcomed his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, to his first meeting at the US Embassy in Brussels on Thursday and praised his "tremendous victory."
The strengthening of the fight against terrorism, by the possible participation of NATO in the coalition against ISIS, as well as the increase of defence budgets, will be at the center of the "informal" meeting which will bring together the 28 - soon 29 - chiefs of state and government…
The arrival of Donald Trump in Brussels should not directly affect Belgian airspace on Wednesday.
US President Donald Trump will arrive in Brussels on Wednesday, where he will attend a special meeting of the 28 NATO member countries the next day.
The arrival of US President Donald Trump in Belgium and the special NATO meeting scheduled for Thursday will have an impact on the movement of public transport in Brussels.
Prime Minister Charles Michel will meet with US President Donald Trump at the Royal Palace in Brussels on Wednesday.
The Socialist Party expects the federal government to take swift action to correct the fairness tax, which the Court of Justice of the European Union has just ruled on.
On the basis of Friday's visit and subsequent documents, the unions decided on Monday to deliver a negative opinion of the site planned for the special training on May 17 with a view to the visit of US President Donald Trump on May 24, said Frédéric Fortunato of the SNPS.