The seven Belgian parliaments have not succeeded in increasing the pension age of parliamentary deputies to 67.
“If the coalition is not succeeding in one area, it’s collective overall ambition is failing. It is not performing regarding consensus, and it is failing to offer new perspectives”, the president of the New Flemish Alliance Bart De Wever declared on Friday.
The PS federal MP Ahmed Laaouej and Brussels MP Emir Kir asked whether Prime Minister Charles Michel will caution Home Affairs Minister Jan Jambon on Sunday.
The funeral of the former mayor of Mouscron, Jean-Pierre Detremmerie (who has died aged 75), will take place at 10a.m. at the church Notre-Dame Reine de la Paix (Our Lady Queen of Peace) on Rue de la Coquinie in Mouscron.
The MR group in the Walloon parliament called for emergency Environment commission meetings on Saturday.
The government is getting ready to clean up the Social security balance dotation, the Echo wrote on Saturday.
The PS and MR have exchanged numerous tweets over the last few hours.
The Minister of  Justice, Koen Geens, (Christian Democratic and Flemish party) questions whether the budget will be able to support a Corporation Tax decrease, as the Minister of Finances, Johan Van Overtveldt (of the New Flemish Alliance party) proposes.
The tax on sweetened drinks, effective for some weeks now, was sold by the government as a health measure but is no more or less than “a simple tax measure,” says Ben Bijnens, the new boss of Coca-Cola Belgium.
Prime Minister Charles Michel (MR) has received a report that criticises the “insufficient” security at his 16 Rue de la Loi office and Lambermont, De Tijd reported on Saturday.