Flemish nationalist party N-VA has suspended Mechelen city councillor Melikan Kucam from his functions after he was detained by police for questioning on an accusation of issuing humanitarian visas for cash.
Bart De Wever, president of the Flemish nationalist party N-VA and mayor of Antwerp, has let it be known he wishes to become minister-president of Flanders region following the regional elections in May.
The N-VA has the ambition to govern after the elections. But the Flemish nationalists have put confederalism back on the table, their president Bart De Wever said Saturday at the party’s New Year's reception.
Outgoing Minister of Telecommunications, Flemish Liberal Philippe De Backer, calls for the State’s withdrawal from Proximus in the coming years, he said Sunday during the TV programme "De Zevende Dag" (één-VRT)).
Minister of Finance Alexander De Croo requests FPS Finance to tackle the Federal mediator’s report on tax debt recovery, and to rapidly implement its recommendations.

Belgium's liberal party wants new tax reform

Saturday, 12 January 2019 17:08
For next term of office, the MR proposes a new tax reform, with the aim of raising the tax-exempt quota to 12,500 euros, Olivier Chastel said in The Free and DH columns Saturday.
Liberal Brussels senator and parliamentarian, Alain Destexhe, is proposing 15 measures to significantly limit immigration in Belgium, which he would like to see included in an upcoming government statement.
Some 3,000 Flemish students, “Youth for Climate”, march through the streets of Brussels calling for stronger action against climate change.
Reducing value-added tax (VAT) on electricity to 6% and increasing the minimum wage to 14 euros per hour are among key components of a “well-being plan” presented on Monday by Flanders’ Socialist Party-Differently (sp.a) as it launched its pre-campaign for the May 2019 elections.
The idea of an inter-federal Mobility agency to coordinate the regions has been rejected by regional ministers Pascal Smet (Brussels) and Ben Wyets (Flanders), De Morgen reported on Saturday.