The Environment Committee of the Walloon Parliament will have the opportunity to vote on Friday, 5 May, on the proposal for a decree prohibiting the slaughter of animals without prior stunning under certain conditions for ritual slaughter, it was reported on Thursday by good sources.
A mobile bakery will be funded by the Charleroi Public Social Services Centre, as part of its community budget.

Belgians favour good pay over job security

Thursday, 27 April 2017 14:24
There are currently seven Belgian firms in the top ten most attractive employers, as perceived by Belgian workers.
More and more employers want to receive training or take a course on diversity which deals with legislation for example, says Unia.
The former president of the CD, Joëlle Milquet, affirmed on Wednesday the necessity of a consensus with the Jewish and Muslim communities in the debate on the prohibition of the slaughter of animals without stunning, on the eve of a meeting in the Walloon parliament.
Europeans spend on average nine hours and thirty-five minutes using various forms of transport every week. The car is the preferred means.
Het Nieuwsblad is reporting today (Wednesday) that a PhD student, at the University of Ghent, has followed interventions by two local police teams over a six-month period.
The 2017 Annual Report of the Flemish School Inspection Service is now available. It indicates that a third of Flemish primary school teachers say that they do not have sufficient mastery of French.
The CD&V (Christian Democratic and Flemish political party) wants children to assume the obligation of maintaining their parents in need if they have to go to CPAS (Public Social Services Centres) nursing homes.
The anti-jihadist operation carried out on Tuesday in Barcelona was part of a Belgian terrorism case and a Spanish terrorism case, the Federal Public Prosecutor said. "The Belgian police attended the scene as observers", he said, without making further comments.Eight people were arrested in Barcelona as part of an anti-Jihadist…