The Charleroi Court sitting in chambers has ordered that the two brothers suspected of having taken a five-month-old baby when attacking their mother using a machete, should be released.
Increased concentrations of fine particles were measured in the atmospheric air yesterday (Thursday) in Flanders.
“I have a clear vision to take our sport to the next level,” Jean-Michel Saive, aged 47, stated yesterday (Thursday). He was speaking at the Belgian Inter-federal Olympic Committee (the COIB), where he officially announced his candidacy for the President of the International Table Tennis Federation (the ITTF).
The suicide rate in Wallonia, is around twice as high as the European average.
Banks active in the Belgian market invested nearly 36 billion dollars (34 billion euros) between 2011 and 2016 in controversial mining exploitations. This is the finding of the NGOs 11.11.11 and Broederlijk Delen et Fairfin.
The concern of the German border communes located close to the nuclear reactor Tihange 2, the tank for which is showing signs of micro-cracking, has now gone as far as Berlin.
Increasing numbers of French-speaking students now receive support funding from their institution.
A study of some 160 Flanders nesting bird species, highlighted that 38% of them are “seriously endangered”, “endangered” or indeed “vulnerable”.
The federal government is investing billions of euros in building new prisons.
UNIA, the former Inter-federal Centre for Equal Opportunities, has opened a racism case following Miss Belgium posting a comment on the social network Instagram.