We learned from a reliable source that a suspect died during an attempted robbery of a jeweler’s shop in Oostakker, Gent city area, midday Saturday.
A motorist was violently attacked while driving through Liège at around 12:30pm on Friday.
A fire in a block of flats in Charleroi in the early hours of Saturday morning was started deliberately.
Two men have been taken into custody in connection with an attack on a 19-year-old girl in Anderlues in Hainaut province last week, in which the girl was partially stripped and slashed on her upper body because she was wearing a Muslim headscarf.
A government plan to allow those working part-time or retired persons to earn up to €500 a month without paying tax is gathering opposition, with an appeal by the farmer’s union Boerenbond this week to the Constitutional Court.
The Flemish government has introduced new rules for anyone filming or photographing children taking part in school activities, according to the education secretariat for cities and municipalities.
Belgium supports respect of Georgia’s “sovereignty” and “territorial integrity”, Foreign Minister Didier Reynders recalled on Friday in the former Soviet republic, which has particularly tense relations with neighbouring Russia over the latter’s recognition of two breakaway regions.
The Government of Wallonia on Friday adopted a legal framework for supporting the installation of liquified natural gas (LNG) charging stations in the region.
The Metisp-Protect union announced on Thursday evening that it supported the strike notice issued by the Independent Union of Railway Workers, SIC, for the 10th of July from 03 :00 a.m. to the 12th of July at 0:300 a.m. and called on all train drivers to join the work stoppage.
Almost one in five jobseekers in Flanders has a foreign diploma.