Proximus confirmed Thursday its "restructuring" plan, which will entail the loss of 1,900 jobs and 1,250 new hirings, so as "to develop from a telecommunication company to a digital service provider," it said via the Telecom company’s communiqué.
Liberal Brussels senator and parliamentarian, Alain Destexhe, is proposing 15 measures to significantly limit immigration in Belgium, which he would like to see included in an upcoming government statement.
Some 3,000 Flemish students, “Youth for Climate”, march through the streets of Brussels calling for stronger action against climate change.
The Mayor of the city of Liège, Willy Demeyer, has indicated that a so called "P Zone" (P for prostitution), could be implemented in the city, as part of efforts to remove prostitution carried out on the streets.
A Belgian passport holder can travel to 184 countries without any visa, making it one of the best passports to hold for travelling the world, according to a study by consulting firm “Henley Passport Index”.

Patches of frost and ice expected in Wallonia

Wednesday, 09 January 2019 17:34
Patches of frost and ice are expected in the night of Wednesday to Thursday in eastern Wallonia, the Royal Institute of Meteorology (IRM) announced on Wednesday.
The Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM) will team up with the national postal service, bpost, to collect data on local weather conditions, according to reports in Mediahuis newspapers relayed on Wednesday by Sudpresse.
The Walloon Brabant Criminal Court on Tuesday sentenced M.C., originally from Wavre and born in 1989, to 20 months in prison and a fine of €300.
The year 2018 saw a strong increase in the number of animals impounded in Wallonia due to abuse, according to figures released on Wednesday by Walloon Minister for Animal Welfare Carlos Di Antonio.
In Wallonia, only one in four children is properly belted into a correctly adapted car seat for his or her weight and size, according to a recent study by the Vias Institute.