Belgium's Pride Festival will take place from 3 to 19 May, and will feature exhibitions, film screenings and conferences on this years' theme: intersectionality.
The Belgian Centre for Cybersecurity (CCB) will not issue a negative opinion on the Chinese technology company Huawei, that is accused of spying by the USA (among other countries).
“For the majority of women who are victims of domestic violence (79% of respondents) the brutality continues even after separation,” according to a study conducted in Wallonia-Brussels for the ASBL (Federal Justice Public Service) "Solidarité Femmes" (Solidarity Women) association, Le Soir reported today.
One in two streets in Belgium has an illegible or even no street name sign, according to a sample of 50 cities.
The discussion forum dedicated to the Brabant killings has been closed after a complaint.
Nearly two Belgian firefighters in three are overweight.
Police in Antwerp will soon have the power to confiscate the vehicles of street-racers and other dangerous drivers, without the need for a court order.

Baby born using three people’s DNA

Saturday, 13 April 2019 23:14
The mother of the “test-tube” baby born with three parents has heralded “an important scientific breakthrough”.
Mons has provided more than 20 entrepreneurs with financial assistance via the Mons impulsion funds in the last two years.

Warmer weather expected from Sunday

Friday, 12 April 2019 13:46
The weather will become drier and warmer from Sunday with gradually more sun expected the start of next week, according to the Royal Meteorological Institute.