Kruidvat to end sales of tobacco products

Thursday, 04 January 2018 15:14
The brand Kruidvat announced on Thursday that it will be putting an end to tobacco sales in its shops in Belgium and the Netherlands.
The water levels of the Haute Lesse and the Semois rivers have significantly reduced compared to recent days.
Solcor, a start-up founded by two young Belgians from Western Flanders, has installed solar panels on Chile’s presidential palace, its chief executive officer and co-founder, Steven van Cauwenberge, announced on Wednesday.
A new species of sparrow has just been officially recognized by the scientific community thanks to observations conducted in Indonesia by a Belgian birdwatcher who also works as a forest expert at Greenpeace, the environmental defence organization reported on Wednesday in a press release.
The monthly unemployment rate in the Brussels Region went down for the 38th consecutive month in December 2017, and now stands at 16.4%, Actiris reported on Wednesday.
The collection of Christmas trees will begin in Wallonia on Monday 8 January.

Belgian car sales: third best year in history

Wednesday, 03 January 2018 14:26
The FPS Mobility and Transport and the sector federation, Febiac, have indicated that sales of cars have had an excellent 2017 in Belgium.
A cargo of nearly 7,000 kilograms of cocaine was intercepted last weekend in the Port of Antwerp.

December was the darkest month since 1934

Tuesday, 02 January 2018 19:07
The month of December was exceptionally dark and abnormally rainy in Belgium, the Royal Meteorological Institute, IRM, said on Monday in its climate report for the last month of 2017.

Nine nuclear incidents in Belgium in 2017

Tuesday, 02 January 2018 16:20
Nine nuclear incidents occurred in Belgium in 2017, data from the Federal Nuclear Control Agency, AFCN, showed on Tuesday.