Scandinavian school of Brussels to host a new European school

Wednesday, 22 June 2016 19:41
In an innovative new initiative mingling history with modernity, the Scandinavian school of Brussels will host a new accredited European School on the beautiful campus of Chateau d’Argenteuil.
The strong links in Waterloo between the Swedish and Belgian communities can be traced back to Queen Astrid, the beloved Swedish-born Queen of Belgium, mother of two Belgian kings and of a queen of Luxembourg.

Now, the strong ties between Sweden and Belgium in Argenteuil take a new, historical European turn, in keeping with the demographic position of Brussels capital at the heart of Europe, bringing ties ever closer with the opening of a new accredited European School that will provide education in English, French and Swedish.

Celebrating Swedish – Belgian – European culture and education, from September 2016, the Scandinavian School of Brussels’ 20-acre estate will host the new European School Brussels-Argenteuil (EEBA) providing the highly acclaimed European Schools’ curriculum in English from the opening of school in August 2016. The Scandinavian School of Brussels (SSB) will continue to run alongside the new school, and, from 2017, will host the new Swedish and French sections at the European School.

The neo-renaissance castle of Argenteuil evokes the glorious past of Argenteuil, and the political ties between European countries in the emerging EU. Today, it hosts the boarding house, ballrooms and school dining-hall.

The new accredited European school is a unique initiative, offering places to children, irrespective of whether their parents work for the European institutions.

Residents of the greater Waterloo-Brussels area are invited for an introductory visit and tour of the historical campus in order to explore the history of the beautiful estate as well as the fascinating new European education provided by the school on Friday the 24th of June 2016 from 15:30 to 19:00.

“We are proud to come together in this Belgian-Nordic educational venture, and we look forward to welcome students and their families to the facilities”, says Félix Merode, who is the Director General of the EEBA.

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