Expat promotes artisanal Belgian beer

Thursday, 17 December 2015 09:38
Expat promotes artisanal Belgian beer Dario Ceccarelli at his beer warehouse next to the Brussels Canal
From what started as an enthusiasm for the Belgian beer culture, Dario Ceccarelli, a Brussels born entrepreneur with Italian origins, took his idea from pleasure to business.
Four year onwards his company employs 11 local Brusselers who all share the same enthusiasm for the rich Belgian beer and food culture and have seen their clientele grow continuously year by year.

But what is Belgibeer? Traditional Belgian Beers are unique and part of the cultural heritage of the country. Many travelers grim at the idea of returning to their home country not being able to savor these fantastic products on a regular basis. Dario explains how he gained the trust with the breweries and simultaneously developed Belgibeer.be, a web-based platform which allows people to easily purchase rare, traditional Belgian beers with an innovative concept.

The platform has been active since 2013 and offers a monthly discovery of Belgian beers thanks to its web platform Belgibeer.be which delivers a selection of craft beers from smaller unknown Belgian breweries straight to the client’s doorstep. 

“It is our aim to make you discover the fantastic diversity and range of Belgian beers. Of course with the right glass and chocolate” says Dario. “We also include a small magazine to tell you more about the brewery and the region, so we hope that the box would be the beginning of a great 'culinary' journey”. 

From working mostly on direct business to business, promoting the small breweries to bars all around Europe, Dario tried last year to open new channels and reach the private consumers. Today more and more of his sales comes directly from private homes. The biggest success comes surprisingly from female orders. Dario explains that it makes perfect sense as women often want to surprise their partners with a Belgianbeer discovery gift.

This year’s Christmas selection has fallen on Gulden Spoor from Gullegem near Kortrijk. The micro-brewery was founded in 1983, showcasing the beauty of the grain and hops flavors with 4 different beers provided in the gift box. The beautifully designed Christmas box also contains chocolates, glassware and an exclusively designed Christmas card for people to personalize (www.belgibeer.com/xmas).

With its pioneering model of direct delivery, Belgibeer has already seduced over 6000 clients in various countries and is looking for a sparkling New Year beginning. 

Christopher Vincent
The Brussels Times
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