The Commission proposes new emission limitations for the car industry

Thursday, 09 November 2017 14:46
The Commission proposes new emission limitations for the car industry © Belga
The European Commission wants the average CO2 emissions by new private cars and vans to be inferior in 2030 by 30% to that of 2021, the Commissioner for Climate and Energy, Miguel Canete announced on Wednesday.
This “ambitious” reduction should in theory allow the EU to respect its commitments made within the framework of the Paris agreement on climate (based on the 1990 level, -40% CO2 emissions by 2030).

The transport sector represents at present nearly a quarter of all emissions in Europe. The Commission has decided to take action by requesting the car industry to ensure a decrease of almost a third of the discharges from private cars and vans in ten years.

Up until now, the regulations adopted in 2014 imposed upon car constructors commercializing vehicles in the Union to produce models reaching a level of emission of 95 grams of CO2 per kilometer by the beginning of 2021, against 130 grams in 2015. Now the Commission wants to reduce these emissions by yet another 30% on the 2030 horizon, with an intermediate reduction target of 15% by 2025.

“These objectives are ambitious, cost-effective, and applicable,” Mr. Canete remarked, whereas several NGOs and European deputies already consider them to be insufficient. The Commission propositions must still be negotiated by Member States and the European Parliament before they can be adopted. 

Christopher Vincent
The Brussels Times
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