The European Commission continues to investigate the international companies which gained preferential treatment by the tax authorities in Luxembourg in the so-called LuxLeaks scandal that was disclosed in 2014. The decisions were taken during the period when the current Commission president was prime minister in the country.
The dialogue between EU and Poland on finding a solution to the dispute on its judicial reforms entered a final phase on Monday with First Vice-President Frans Timmermans' visit to Warsaw where he met the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.
The European General Court on Tuesday rejected an appeal by Marine Le Pen against a decision by the European Parliament to recover close to 300,000 euros from the extreme-right former Euro-parliamentarian for misusing a parliamentary assistant.
Greece and Macedonia agreed on Sunday to end its long-standing dispute on the name of Macedonia and signed a deal on the new name of the country: The Republic of Northern Macedonia. The deal has been hailed as historic but still needs to be ratified by the parliaments in the…
New figures published today by the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) show that the trend of decreased asylum applications has continued in 2018.
The Belgian Minister of Public Health Maggie de Block (Open Vld) wants to ban menthol tobacco before the European 2020 deadline but is confronted with European Commission threats to take Belgium to court should it persist, reports L’Echo Thursday.
Belgium lags behind the rest of Europe in the fight against fine particles, according to a European Commission report quoted on Wednesday by L’Echo newspaper.
In July this year, one of the world’s youngest (and coldest) capitals, Astana, will celebrate its 20-year anniversary.
Belgium sends one in every five asylum seekers back to his/her country of first entry into the European Union (EU), De Tijd reported on Tuesday, based on new figures for 2017 from the Immigration Office.
The situation in EU in general and Hungary and Poland in particular was discussed yesterday at a hearing in Brussels convened by the UN Human Rights Regional Office for Europe. The hearing gathered representatives of inter-governmental regional organisations, EU institutions, umbrella organisations, academia, think-tanks, and civil society.