The European Commission hopes member States and the European Parliament will be able to reach agreement on ending Europe’s twice-yearly hour changes by the end of this year, Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc said on Friday.
The European Parliament adopted this week in Strasbourg a resolution calling for the prohibition of weapons unchecked by significant human control when choosing and attacking targets.
European Commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker used English only when speaking about the British withdrawal from the European Union (EU) during his EU State of the Union address on Wednesday.

Brussels Amazed by Kunqu Opera

Wednesday, 12 September 2018 16:05
On the evening of 6 July, the 4th China-EU Culture and Art Festival was officially launched at the Vaudeville Theater as another major event of the China-EU Tourism Year.
The international campaign for the release of Abdullah Öcalan after 20 years of imprisonment at the Imrali island prison called at a press conference in Brussels on EU to put pressure on Turkey to free him in order to promote the peace process. The campaign has collected 10 million signatures…
The parliamentary elections on Sunday in Sweden ended with a stalemate between the current red-green government coalition and the centre-right opposition Alliance of four parties. The minority government of Social Democrats and the Environment party lost together 5,2 percentage points and reached 40,6 % of the votes but is still…
Dr. Jumma Khan Marri visited Brussels last week on an unusual mission.
Since Lithuania joined the European Union in 2004, the relationship between Vilnius and Brussels has mostly been a happy one.
After reviewing thousands of documents during the summer, the European Ombudsman found four instances of maladministration in the controversial appointment of Martin Selmayr to the post as the European Commission’s Secretary-General in February 2018.
At the start of the new school year, EU is resuming its scheme for distributing fruit, vegetables and milk products among school children in all EU member states. Under the scheme, €150 million is set aside each school year for fruit and vegetables and €100 million for milk and other…