Weapons proof house of Liège: arrest warrant issued for director

Tuesday, 01 November 2016 16:54
The director of the firearms proof house of Liège, Jean-Luc Stassen, has an arrest warrant issued against him.
The statement was made by the Prosecutor’s Office of Liège Tuesday afternoon. The man, suspected of falsification and use of falsification, as well as of misappropriation, declared before the justice system in the morning. He presently denies the charges.

The weapons proof house of Liège, as well as the residence of the director of this entity were searched Thursday. At least one weapon was found in these operations, stated Monday the Prosecutor’s Office.

These searches are a follow-up to police information provided. The judiciary suspects the man in his fifties of having altered the main firearms registry (RCA) to remove collectible pieces in order to then sell them on the black market.

The proof house is an institution of the Justice SPF in charge of the destruction of firearms seized by the justice system. Following the weapons law of 2006, the institution has been in charge of other tasks as well, including the neutralization of certain weapons.    

Oscar Schneider (Source: Belga)
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