Eurocommercial Properties, which owns the Woluwe Shopping Center, has applied to be quoted on the Brussels Stock Exchange, the Dutch holding company announced on Tuesday.
A Belgian who aided Salah Abdeslam after the Paris attacks of the 13th of November 2015 was granted conditional release on Monday and placed on probation in Belgium, AFP reported, quoting the Office of the Federal Prosecutor in Belgium and the Paris public prosecutor’s office.
Belgium’s intelligence services are taking the possibility of Russian interference in upcoming elections seriously, according to information provided by the chief of military intelligence, Claude Van de Voorde, at a hearing with the Defence Commission of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives.
All employees whose employer offers a company pension will soon be entitled to it, according to De Tijd on Tuesday.
Greece and Macedonia agreed on Sunday to end its long-standing dispute on the name of Macedonia and signed a deal on the new name of the country: The Republic of Northern Macedonia. The deal has been hailed as historic but still needs to be ratified by the parliaments in the two countries.
In June 2019 a new "Thalys Soleil" line will be inaugurated between Brussels and Bordeaux.
Head coach Roberto Martinez said on Monday he was satisfied at the spirit shown by Belgium’s football team in its first match at World Cup 2018, against Panama.
New figures published today by the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) show that the trend of decreased asylum applications has continued in 2018.
Forty sea bass fishes will soon be equipped with a tracer.
A movement called “Refugee Party’’ was presented Monday in Brussels. Launched by fifteen citizens, among whom refugees, it intends to act in favor of a more humane policy in matters of asylum and migration.
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