The parliament of the Walloon region has approved a measure which will introduce safe and supervised drugs-taking spacer in major cities from the autumn.
The Brussels-Capital region will introduce a new requirement in November for every new applicant for a driving licence, making a course in basic first aid obligatory, secretary of state Bianca Debaets said.
The IMEC research centre presented on Wednesday in Antwerp new wireless technology that can be used to measure faster eye movements based on electrooculography.
Isa Gultaslar, counsel for Sofien Ayari, confirmed to Belga news agency on Tuesday night that his client would not appeal against his conviction by the Brussels correctional court for his part in the shootout in Forest in 2016.
The Minister for Tourism, Ben Weyts, indicated on Tuesday that the Flemish government has started a procedure involving targeted inspections for properties offered as accommodation through the Airbnb platform.
On Tuesday, the Secretary of State for the Protection of Privacy, Philippe De Backer, expressed his disappointment.
"The policeman who fired is distraught and demoralized; he never wanted nor imagined that,” Mons Prosecutor General Ignacio De la Serna said on Tuesday about the death of Mawda, the little Kurdish girl killed during a chase between police and a van transporting migrants on the E42 near Maisières.
For 67% of Belgians, their country's membership of the European Union (EU) is a good thing, according to the European Commission’s latest Eurobarometer survey, published on Wednesday, one year ahead of the European elections in May 2019.
The British company, Lloyd’s of London, indicated on Wednesday that it has obtained its licence to operate in Belgium from the National Bank of Belgium.
Wednesday, 23 May 2018 13:15

Lynx may have been glimpsed in Flanders

Having noted that a wild wolf was found at the beginning of the year, no doubt a lynx was glimpsed and filmed in Flanders at the end of last year.
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