Coronavirus: Belgian army 'ready to act' if necessary

Coronavirus: Belgian army 'ready to act' if necessary
Credit: Belga

The Belgian army said it is "in strategic reserve" and strives to remain "intact" in case the government calls upon it in the fight against the new coronavirus (Covid-19).

Despite the government not having deployed the army yet, it is prepared for that scenario. "Defence is ready to act should the government request it," said Captain Carl Gillis, responsible for operations within the General Staff, according to VRT

The Army has set itself three priorities, it said in a statement on its website. Firstly, the wellbeing of its own personnel, which it assures by applying the measures the National Security Council announced.

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Secondly, the army wants to ensure that the commitments and engagements that have been made prior to the crisis, both in Belgium and abroad, are respected. Additionally, the essential tasks, such as Search and Rescue, should still be maintained.

Lastly, the Department of Defence said it is ready to assist the civilian sector if the government requests it.

Maïthé Chini

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