Coronavirus: British PM says doctors were prepared to announce his death

Coronavirus: British PM says doctors were prepared to announce his death
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The doctors treating British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for coronavirus had prepared an announcement in case he died, Johnson told The Sun on Sunday.

"It was a tough old moment, I won’t deny it," Johnson said, speaking in detail about his fight against the new coronavirus (Covid-19) for the first time. "They had a strategy to deal with a ‘death of Stalin’-type scenario," he added.

"I was not in particularly brilliant shape and I was aware there were contingency plans in place," Johnson said. “The doctors had all sorts of arrangements for what to do if things went badly wrong."

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Johnson announced on 27 March that he had contracted coronavirus, saying he had only mild symptoms. He was taken to hospital on 5 April for tests as a precautionary measure, but within 24 hours he was transferred to the intensive care unit, where he was given oxygen assistance for three days.

Johnson told the newspaper that he had not thought at any time that he would die, while confiding that he was upset that he was not getting better.

Johnson went back to work Monday, two days before his fiancée gave birth to their son, whose middle name - the child's name is Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson - is a tribute to two of the doctors who cared for the Prime Minister, Nick Price and Nick Hart.

In the United Kingdom, 182,260 people have tested positive for coronavirus as of 2 May, and over 28,000 people have died. The UK is one of Europe's most affected countries, coming in second behind Italy. 

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