Brussels considers telework as solution to traffic congestion

Brussels considers telework as solution to traffic congestion
Credit: Belga

With traffic in Brussels still down by 21% compared to before the lockdown, Brussels Mobility Minister Elke Van den Brandt is pushing teleworking as part of the capital’s mobility plan.

“The health crisis we have just experienced has shown that telework is possible for many people, especially when kids are at school. This holds real potential for improving mobility in Brussels,” Van den Brandt said.

Van den Brandt has said that congestion would disappear if the number of cars dropped by 20% in the region, and with traffic levels remaining below pre-lockdown level, the minister is calling to action.

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“Today, we are working with the Brussels Chamber of Commerce and the ministers concerned to establish the necessary framework to make this practice positive for both workers and employers,” she added.

While car traffic has increased to over three-quarters of its pre-lockdown level, Brussels’ public transport organisation STIB’s numbers are still down, at 43% of the number of usual underground passengers, and 45% of the usual passengers above ground.

Brussels recently won an award for its ‘Good Move’ mobility plan, which aims to reduce car use by 24% by 2030 (34% for transit traffic), increase the use of bicycles fourfold, return public space to the inhabitants and create 50 quiet districts without transit traffic.

Jason Spinks
The Brussels Times

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