Belgium takes to Twitter to make fun of Antwerp's curfew

Belgium takes to Twitter to make fun of Antwerp's curfew

Many Belgians have taken to social media, and Twitter in particular, to complain about or make fun of the curfew that was imposed in the province of Antwerp this week.

Since the curfew went into force on Wednesday in an effort to stop the surging coronavirus infections in Antwerp, people living in the province have to stay at home between 11:30 PM and 6:00 AM.

The curfew is the first in Belgium since the Second World War, and many Belgians not living in Antwerp took the opportunity to joke about the province in a sometimes not very subtle way.

One Twitter user even suggested that the Flemish public broadcaster should start airing "Tik Tak," an old Belgian television programme aimed at toddlers, again.

The appearance of one character at the end of each episode signalled bedtime in the programme, and for many children watching as well.

According to Twitter, the children's show should air every day at 11:30 PM in Antwerp, so the whole province can go to sleep.

Another shows a compilation video of movie characters running at 11:29 PM, to get home before the curfew starts, as it is punishable with fines up to €1.600.

A tweet with caption "Tonight at 11:30 PM" shows a video of all "provinces" partying together, and the governor kicking out Antwerp when he wants to join.

Maïthé Chini

The Brussels Times

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