Antwerp will enforce coronavirus curfew from tonight

Antwerp will enforce coronavirus curfew from tonight
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Antwerp's curfew will enter into force tonight, a day later than expected because of a hold up of the legal process, provincial governor Cathy Berx announced during a press conference on Wednesday.

The legal basis to enforce the curfew between 11:30 PM and 6:00 AM in the province of Antwerp is ready, meaning it will officially start tonight.

The only reasons that are valid for people to be outside after 11:30 PM, starting today, are going to work, making a journey for medical reasons, or departing or returning from holiday.

Anyone violating the curfew, or one of Antwerp's other measures, risks a fine of up to €1,600, and even a 14-day prison sentence.

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Berx made some last-minute changes in the measures before they went into force. For example, wearing a face mask will not always be compulsory during sports, as was initially announced.

"If you are alone on your racing bike on a desolate path, you do not have to wear a mask, because you will cross others at a high speed," Berx said, adding that it is different from cycling in a group.

In the hospitality industry, a maximum of 4 people will be allowed to sit at a table, unless it concerns a larger household. "If you have three or four children, they should not be split up of course," Berx added.

Antwerp's stricter measures were supposed to take effect on Tuesday, but because the legal text was not ready in time, the measures were delayed by a day.

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