Ex K3 member calls on Antwerpians to resist Covid-19 measures

Ex K3 member calls on Antwerpians to resist Covid-19 measures
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Josje Huisman, a former member of hugely popular Belgian band K3, has called on the people of Antwerp to resist local Covid-19 safety measures.

The former pop star posted a picture of German citizens protesting the corona-measures on 1 August on her Instagram.

“A curfew. Obligatory face masks. Telling on your neighbours as recommended by the police… In Germany, they know that we are not headed in the right direction. When are we going to stand up in Antwerp?”

In the post, Huisman does not specify whether her call goes out to the citizens of the city of Antwerp only, or the whole province, both of which are currently part of Belgium’s biggest Covid-19 hot spot.

Last week, Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès said the situation in Antwerp called for increased measures. The curfew is part of these special measures, though not everyone is taking it seriously.

Huisman has admitted to not caring much for the measures before. On 6 June, she drew attention by taking part in the Black Lives Matter-protests, saying:

“This is how I compare it: if they tell you to sit down on the bus for your own safety, you’ll do it. But if the bus driver suddenly starts shooting the passengers, it’s time to stand up.”

Wilmès had hoped BLM protestors would cancel the gathering, saying the protest was in violation of the corona measures, which intended “to protect the population, not to muzzle or silence it”.

K3 is a successful pop group that was founded in 1998 and today continues to break records in the Netherlands and Belgium, with one of their hits becoming the most popular Dutch song ever at 30 million views in 2019. Huisman’s group was replaced by new singers in 2015, following a televised contest. 3.9 million viewers tuned in to the contest’s finale, breaking a 20-year record with broadcaster VTM.

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