Coronavirus: Liechtenstein only travel zone still entirely green for Belgians

Coronavirus: Liechtenstein only travel zone still entirely green for Belgians
Panorama of Vaduz, capital of Liechtenstein Credit: zponout/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The principality of Liechtenstein remains the only country in Europe deemed as entirely safe for travel for Belgian residents, who can travel to and from there without any type of coronavirus restrictions.

In an update of Belgium's travel advice on Wednesday, all countries had territories which were listed as either a red or orange travel zone in terms of risks related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Liechtenstein was the only destination whose entire territory remained as low-risk or green, meaning travel to and from is not bound to any sort of coronavirus restrictions, such as a test or quarantine.

The foreign ministry's advice on travel out of Belgium is drawn from the restrictions applied to travellers arriving from Belgium by a given country's authorities.

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The latest destinations to be marked as of higher risk (red or orange) for returning Belgian residents are the Czech capital of Prague as well as the whole of Romania and as several areas in Spain, Switzerland and Croatia.

Additionally, several departments in France, as well as the principality of Monaco and its overseas territories of Martinique and La Réunion, were classed as red both ways, in a change that comes as the country registers a massive surge of new cases in 24 hours.

In line with a recent announcement, Belgian residents who are abroad at the time a given destination is classed as of higher risk will be granted a 2-day grace period to avoid quarantining and a mandatory coronavirus test upon return to Belgium.

According to the foreign affairs website, travel to destinations not included in the list, which only includes countries in the EU, the UK or in the EEA area, remain forbidden.

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