STIB launches test phase for all-in-one Brussels mobility app

STIB launches test phase for all-in-one Brussels mobility app
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Over 2,000 people started testing MoveBrussels, a new mobility app from the Brussels public transport company STIB, on Wednesday.

Initially launched in March, coronavirus affected the further development and testing of the app.

The app “is part of the ‘MaaS’ project (Mobility as a Service) in which the MoveBrussels app functions as an all-in-one mobility service,” the STIB explained on its website.

The app differs from the current STIB app in that it “will allow you to access several public (STIB-MIVB, SNCB-NMBS, TEC, De Lijn) and private (shared scooters, taxi, car sharing and bike sharing) transportation means and to combine them in order to plan a single trip,” STIB said.

In addition, “you can also directly pay for some of these transportation services, without having to use the partner’s application.”

The app also displays the price CO2 emission and gradients on the route, New Mobility reported.

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“Today, many people in Brussels are focused on a single mode of transport,” Brussels Mobility Minister Elke Van den Brandt told La Capitale. “They are either users of public transport, car drivers or cyclists.”

“MasS will enable us to open up Brussels’ mobility and will encourage Brussels residents and visitors to Brussels to use the most appropriate mode of transport for each journey. It will also make people aware of all the opportunities, sometimes little know, that our Region offers.”

Ending the current STIB app “is not on the agenda for now,” as the two apps serve different functions, the public transport company said.

The app’s pilot test was made available to anyone working or living in the Brussels Region, encompassing a broad range of profiles varying in age, gender, postal code and other factors.

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