Belgium insists on teleworking where possible

Belgium insists on teleworking where possible
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Belgium's Crisis Centre has once again called on people to telework as much as possible in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus in the country.

"Taking into account the current situation of the pandemic in our country, we call for maximum commitment to teleworking," Yves Stevens of the Crisis Centre said.

As the virus is becoming more prevalent again, Belgium cannot afford nonchalance with the measures, not in the workplace either, according to him.

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Even though many companies have focused on teleworking over the past months, an increasing number of people are returning to work. "We have noticed this, among other things, from the increase in traffic," Stevens said.

"Teleworking is a very effective measure to slow down the spread of the virus, but it is also a measure that has little impact on the operation of a company through the use of different internet applications," he added.

Meetings, too, should be held virtually as much as possible again, according to Stevens. "If this is not possible, take the necessary precautions, as always. Provide a well-ventilated room, respect hand hygiene, keep sufficient distance," he said.

For people who are unable to telework, the same rules apply. "We cannot stress enough how important those golden rules are," said Stevens. "They help to raise a dam against the virus in the workplace."

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