Belgium's Consultative Committee will meet early tonight

Belgium's Consultative Committee will meet early tonight
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Belgium's Consultative Committee will meet to discuss possible extra measures earlier than planned, at 8:00 PM tonight instead of tomorrow, as was initially announced.

The meeting will take place by videoconference on Thursday evening, given the Committee's own decision that teleworking is now the rule, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo's cabinet confirmed to The Brussels Times.

Whether or not any new measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus will be announced tonight is not yet clear. "A first discussion is taking place this evening, just as it took place for the previous two Consultative Committees. They can resume the meeting tomorrow," De Croo's cabinet said.

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A second lockdown is not expected to be announced, as De Croo told the House on Thursday that it will take approximately ten days before the results from the previous meeting will become clear.

"It had already been announced that we would make a number of adjustments in a Consultative Committee. In addition to that, we must show steadfastness and not constantly change our strategy," he said.

However, the measures for the culture, sports and event sectors will likely be tightened up. "The protocols for the arts and culture sector will be brought into line with last Friday's decisions," De Croo added.

What is most important, however, is that the measures that were taken last week are respected by the population, according to De Croo.

"Let us have confidence that the measures that were taken are the right ones, and that the success of those measures depends above all on whether they are complied with," he said.

"All the indicators show that the public's confidence is increasing because the measures are clear," De Croo said. "Let's all work together to maintain that confidence, to radiate calm, to make adjustments when necessary."

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