This is a 'partial lockdown,' says Marc Van Ranst

This is a 'partial lockdown,' says Marc Van Ranst
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Belgium is in partial lockdown now, according to virologist Marc Van Ranst, taking into account the measures announced by Belgium's different regions.

"When you look at the whole package - not only in Flanders, but also in Brussels and Wallonia - you have to say that we are in a partial lockdown," Van Ranst said on VTM News after the Flemish government announced the latest coronavirus restrictions.

"Additionally, a real lockdown has been put on the horizon by the Minister-President, at least," Van Ranst said, referring to Jan Jambon's statement that "we are heading for a new lockdown" if not everyone respects the measures.

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On Tuesday evening, Flanders was the last of Belgium's regions to further tighten the measures that were already put in place by the federal government.

"Everyone is on the same page. The house is on fire, we now have to get full steam ahead," said Van Ranst.

All three regions introduced extra restrictions for higher education, and the culture and sports sector. However, while Wallonia and the Brussels-Capital Region also extended the curfew - from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM -, Flanders stuck with the federal measure, from midnight to 5:00 AM.

According to Van Ranst, the next two weeks will be crucial in getting the figures down. "[These measures] were what was feasible at the moment," he said. "We will now have to try to get a dent in the curve."

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