Lufthansa to fly 80 tonnes of food to UK amid shortages

Lufthansa to fly 80 tonnes of food to UK amid shortages
Credit: Belga

German airline Lufthansa is launching an air bridge to the UK in order to supply food to the country facing shortages due to closed borders.

The airline will supply 80 tons of fruit and vegetables to British supermarkets threatened with shortages the next few days, according to Belga. The supplies include lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, strawberries and citrus fruits, according to reports.

While in theory, freight traffic will be possible again from Wednesday onwards, scenes at ports remain chaotic due to a large number of stranded trucks. In Dover on Wednesday, images of frustrated truck drivers attacking the police turned up, amid a slow return to normal ahead of Brexit.

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On Wednesday afternoon, a Lufthansa Boeing 777 cargo plane took off to Doncaster Sheffield Airport in central England. The Germans are now checking whether cargo flights will still be needed for the next few days. Passenger aircraft may also be used to export food to Great Britain, says Lufthansa.

Approximately 80% of food imports into Great Britain come from the European Union. There are fears of shortages from Christmas onwards.

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