Belgium could make face masks mandatory from 10 years old

Belgium could make face masks mandatory from 10 years old
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Belgium’s Risk Assessment Group (RAG) is meeting on Tuesday to discuss an extension of the obligation to wear a face mask to children from 10 years old.

Belgium’s education sector asked the RAG to look into the question of children from 10 years old, instead of 12 years old currently, should also be required to wear a face mask in school and on public transport.

Should the group decide that such an extension is necessary, it will still take some time before it is implemented, as the RAG’s advice still has to pass through the Risk Management Group (RMG) as well.

Biostatistician Geert Molenberghs told VRT that that could happen “today or tomorrow.” After that, it is still up to the government whether or not to act on the advice.

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If children will also have to wear a face mask, the obligation would go beyond the education field and public transport, and also include mandatory masks in shops and during leisure activities.

In a joint press release on Monday, the Belgian Children’s Rights Commission and the Flemish Youth Council already asked the RAG make masks mandatory for children under 12.

Maïthé Chini
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