Scarves and bandanas can no longer be used as face masks

Scarves and bandanas can no longer be used as face masks
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Scarves, neck warmers and bandanas will not be allowed to be used as an alternative to masks as of 13 February, according to the latest update to the Belgian Official Gazette, published at the weekend.

The same change - which follows advice from the Risk Assessment Group (RAG) - also bans the use of masks with valves, as saliva droplets could escape through such a valve, making it still possible to transmit the virus.

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According to the text, the only ones allowed would be a "mask without an outlet valve, made of fabric or disposable material, which fits closely to the face and covers the nose, mouth and chin, intended to prevent infections in case of contact between persons."

The Ministerial Decree, however, does not mention the RAG's recommendation to always wear a face mask in the office. The government leaves the decision up to the social partners involved, as Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke explained after the Consultative Committee last Friday.

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