People can't find Belgium's 'sworn statement' needed for travel, police say

People can't find Belgium's 'sworn statement' needed for travel, police say
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Many people do not know about the official document for Belgium's "sworn statement" that is needed to cross the border for an essential reason, according to the federal police.

This weekend, Belgium's federal police started its enforced border checks during the carnival holidays, to ensure compliance with the ban on non-essential travel, which is currently in force until 1 April.

"Most people who wanted to cross the border respected the rules, but many did not know there was an official document that they have to fill out," Sarah Frederickx, spokesperson for the federal police, told The Brussels Times.

The template form, in which a traveller declares that their cross-border trip falls under a category of journeys that are considered essential, such as business trips or compelling family reasons, can be downloaded and completed in English, Dutch, French and German, or completed online.

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"We see that most travellers have an essential reason to cross the border, but do not know about the document, or where to find it," Frederickx said, adding that it can be found on the website or by googling "sworn statement travel Belgium."

Those who have not completed it, can be asked to still fill out the form on the spot, according to Frederickx.

"Most travellers are not of ill will, some even have written their own statements on a piece of paper," she said, adding that people who have a good reason to cross the border but do not have the right document will not be fined.

Belgium's travel ban has recently been extended to remain in force until 1 April, but the Consultative Committee will reassess the situation and the need for the travel ban at its next meeting, on Friday 26 February.

Maïthé Chini

The Brussels Times

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