Price of petrol rises above €1.5 per litre from Saturday

Price of petrol rises above €1.5 per litre from Saturday
Credit: Belga

A full tank of petrol will cost more at the pump from Saturday, the Federal Public Economy Service announced on Friday.

The maximum price of 95 (E10) will increase to €1.51 per litre, taking it over the symbolic threshold of one and a half euros for the first time since mid-January 2020 (14 months ago). It will also exceed the maximum price for diesel.

The increase amounts to 2.7 cents per litre. This price is the result of fluctuations in the prices of petroleum products and/or the bio-components inherent in their composition on the international markets.

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For petrol 98 (E5), the increase is of 3.3 cents per litre, the maximum price rising to €1.571 from Saturday.

The price of diesel (B7) had already exceeded the 1.5 euro threshold at the beginning of the week. It currently stands at €1.506 per litre.

The last time the price of petrol overtook that of diesel was in November last year, according to the Belgian Petroleum Federation.

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