Mask-less party broke out at Brussels food market pop-up event

Mask-less party broke out at Brussels food market pop-up event
Credit: Belga

The police in Brussels received several complaints after a party broke out at the Wolf food market in the city’s centre on Saturday evening, where a pop-up flea market event was being organised during the weekend.

Videos of the packed location circulated on social media showing mostly mask-less people dancing shoulder to shoulder, some on tables, whilst other people were seen eating and drinking.

"The authorities had already reported that it was impossible to hold such an event because there was no respect for the coronation measures," said Ilse Van de keere, spokesperson for the  Brussels Capital Ixelles police zone.

One Twitter user shared videos of the scenes taking place at Wolf food hall on Saturday evening, showing people violating the current coronavirus fighting measures.

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The officers of the police zone arrived on the scene around 8.45 PM, however, most people had left the scene by then, as the pop-up event, which started at 1:00 PM, finished at 7:00 PM.

After facing several months of temporary closure due to the coronavirus measures, the food hall reopened to reinvent itself with a big garage sale and a giant crafts pop-up named BOLS, where around 50 exhibitors were present.

The city of Brussels has held talks with the organisers, which have since announced that the event would not take place on Sunday.

Lauren Walker

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