Belgium's hospitality sector unites to demand reopening

Belgium's hospitality sector unites to demand reopening
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For the first time since the start of the coronavirus crisis, the main players in Belgium's hospitality industry have joined forces in a national campaign to demand the resumption of their activities.

The day before the Consultative Committee will meet again, the sector is asking the government to respect the "promised perspective" of an opening on 1 May, they announced on Tuesday.

The national campaign, called "An empty bar can also keep you awake at night" unites several federations such as Horeca Wallonia, Horeca Brussels and Horeca Flanders, as well as the Belgian Brewers, Fevia, FeBeD, FIED/VIWF and Vinum & Spiritus.

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According to the industry federations, the reopening on 1 May is a necessity for 60% of bars and restaurants due to the economic situation.

The different organisations state that they can be part of the solution to the crisis. "The hospitality industry can be a safe environment where people can gather in a controlled way," they said, adding that it will also benefit the mental well-being of the population.

"The reopening of the sector (indoor/outdoor) can provide a much-needed safe and relaxing environment for citizens to meet in an organised and safe manner, while respecting all the rules in force," they concluded.

Maïthé Chini

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