Belgium in Brief: The Farmer Who Shrank France

Belgium in Brief: The Farmer Who Shrank France

Borders between countries are a funny thing, especially when they are barely noticeable.

Here in Belgium, you can (normally) cross into neighbouring countries without noticing until you see something you know doesn’t belong. A specific shop, a product, a sign, there’s always something.

The border, however, is very much still a fixed thing – unless someone moves it.

This slightly odd situation happened on the border with France after a Belgian farmer expanded his country by a little bit.

That’s right, a farmer from the Walloon municipality of Erquelinnes has made international headlines after he accidentally moved the French border, making Belgium ever so slightly bigger in the process.

The accidental invasion – by around 7.5ft according to reports – came after the farmer decided to move the 150 kg stone marker, his French neighbour told local media.

Thankfully everyone appears to have taken it in good humour, with the mayor of the temporarily smaller French commune commenting that they should be able to avoid a new border war over this.

The rest of the story is here – and I don’t have much to add – so let me know your thoughts  @johnstonjules.

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